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Business Transformation Outsourcing – What’s that?

July 25, 2009

Traditionally, in the outsourcing agreements the conditions of the service are specified. However, some outsourcing providers offer more than “just” outsourcing: they do not just bring service defined but they also try to search for opportunities for innovations and process improvements. That is a classical win-win situation, where both parties invest capital but they both benefit from the success achieved. This modern approach to outsourcing is also called Business Transformation Outsourcing (BTO).

Magdalena Szarafin
Magdalena Szarafin has immense knowledge of the outsourcing sector and is one of the authorities in shared services and outsourcing industry analysis. Her research interests include insourcing and outsourcing in connection with the value chain. She is an author of many publications dealing with outsourcing, knowledge management and total quality management (TQM).
Magdalena lives in Frankfurt, Germany and she works as an International Management Accountant in a big multinational group, dealing with preparation of financial statements under IAS/IFRS and local GAAP. In her leisure time she prepares a PhD dissertation focused on shared service centers.
Contact her to leverage her knowledge and in-depth BPO and shared service industry penetration experience.