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Key issues you wanted to know about shared services

July 25, 2009

It is about standardization, managing complexity, controlling cost, profitable growth, and performance – it’s all about the way a modern corporation is doing

Shared services – old wine in new skins or something really new? Well, it doesn’t actually matter. They enable organization to standardize the processes, manage complexity, reduce costs, ensure profitable growth and performance… – do you want to achieve something more?

Here some findings characterizing the shared services approach:

Issue 1: Location. While choosing a location for their shared service center, corporations take the following criteria in consideration:

• Availability of qualified personnel,
• Local cost structures,
• Experience already gained regarding the location,
• Integration with the company infrastructure,
• Political stability,
• Life quality,
• Transport and technology connection.

Issue 2: Benchmarking and measurement. Benchmarking and measurement are the MUST while establishing and running one or more shared service center(s). Benchmarking allows to compare the service provision with the best in class. The measurement mostly occurs using agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). The amount of KPIs chosen differs from corporation to corporation, the experience shows than 10 carefully chosen KPIs will deliver the best results.

Benchmarking can be used to achieve different objectives including:
1. Improvements in performance,
2. To align the processes with these used by the best ones enabling organization to become world class with processes.

Issue 3: Shared service center – challenges and opportunities. The following issues are to be carefully considered while establishing and running a shared service center:

1. Precise definition of objectives (is our shared service center to be a profit or a cost center?)
2. New organizational structure and considering of formal and informal groups of influence – how will the new organization look like and who is going to play the leading role after the shared service center has been established?
3. Product and service dimension – what products and services will be delivered at what prices? Considering quality and time of delivery issues is a very important matter, too.
4. Measurement and benchmarking to ensure that the shared service approach delivers more value comparing with alternative options (like outsourcing or traditional solution) and learning from the best in class.

Magdalena Szarafin
Magdalena Szarafin has immense knowledge of the outsourcing sector and is one of the authorities in shared services and outsourcing industry analysis. Her research interests include insourcing and outsourcing in connection with the value chain. She is an author of many publications dealing with outsourcing, knowledge management and total quality management (TQM).
Magdalena lives in Frankfurt, Germany and she works as an International Management Accountant in a big multinational group, dealing with preparation of financial statements under IAS/IFRS and local GAAP. In her leisure time she prepares a PhD dissertation focused on shared service centers.
Contact her to leverage her knowledge and in-depth BPO and shared service industry penetration experience.